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Our Partners

PLI Risk Solutions
is proud to be in partnership with Stratum Med, Inc.(www.StratumMed.com) as the exclusive administrator of
The Stand Alone Tail Program
, delivering medical malpractice tail coverage options and alternatives to the healthcare community.  

The healthcare industry is experiencing rapid consolidation. Physicians are leaving private practice to become employed by Hospitals, or leaving solo-practice to become employed by large multispecialty groups.  Hospitals and large physician groups are actively acquiring small private practices. The Stand Alone Tail Program is the answer to the growing need for physicians (or
their new employers) to purchase prior-acts (aka Tail) coverage
to insure malpractice liabilities from past practice activities.  

No longer are Physicians (or their new employers) forced to buy overpriced malpractice tail coverage from their current carrier.  Competitive options and alternatives are available. Learn more at www.StandAloneTail.com
Fax: 866.839.9974

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